About Wonderpeace

Wonderpeace was founded as a centre of treatment, recovery, hope and empowerment for people with alcohol and substance abuse dependence.

Opening Hours

Our Center operate 24/7 but the following are the official working hours.

  • Monday - Friday
    8.00 - 16.00
  • Saturday
    9.30 - 15.30
  • Sunday
    9.30 - 17.00

Our Mission

To establish an informative, educative, and preventive treatment and rehabilitation systems to counter the impact and effects of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Our Treatment Program

The First Phase

On arrival each Patient is assigned to a primary counselor who will, in continuous consultation with clinical team, supervise an individually structured program of recovery.

Addiction Treatment Program

Our treatment Philosophy is geared towards total abstinence from all mood-altering substances and takes in the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of each Patient's life.

Detox And Psychiatric

A unique feature at Wonder Peace is our medical unit that handles detoxification and psychiatric problems, both those resulting from addiction and those that are independent of any substances misuse.This also includes treatment and management of co-occurring disorders/illnesses (e.g. schizophrenia, Psychosis, Bipolar mood disorder)

Relapse Prevention Programme

This is aimed at helping those who are problem drinkers/users and who are at high risk of relapse. this program runs concurrently with the other programs depending on assessment and treatment plan.

General Counselling

General Counseling (psychological counseling) to offer support and care in times of crisis, for psychological support, and guidance

Family Support Programme

Family members and significant others become an integral part of the recovery process. Individual counseling sessions,family and open recovery meetings at weekends are an important part of the programme at Wonder Peace.

Why Choose Us


Great facilities

Wonderpeace is located at a conducive and serene environment.

Qualified Team

At wonderpeace we have qualified, dynamic, and seasoned team of therapists and addiction professionals that works around the clock (24-7) care and attention

Affordable Cost

Our costs are affordable and reasonably subsidized. financial information is available upon request.

Follow-Up Program

At Wonderpeace we have comprehensive aftercare and follow-up program to monitor progress,prevent relapse and support social re-integration.

Days A Week
Days An Year
Happy Patients